Boiler ancillary equipment

Extend the life of your boiler room by upgrading your existing construction with energy-efficient ancillary equipment.

Equipment with an added-value proposition

At Prime, we install all types of pressure vessels for every possible application. We choose manufacturers that are committed to ensuring rigorous compliance with ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel regulations.

Feed Water Tanks

A proper design of your feed water set-up prevents the buildup of impurities, and reduces the risk of thermal shock and equipment failure.

  • Adequate heating of feed water
  • Cold water make-up
  • Proper design of the feed water pump
  • Chemical injection quill

Blowdown Separators

Ensure adequate and safe boiler blowdown by relying on innovative flash steam separation technology.

  • Drain water temperature to meet your requirements
  • Economical process
  • Compact designs
  • Quick installation

Steam Accumulators

Manage your steam demand fluctuation by stabilizing the steam conditions.

A steam accumulator can help reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption, as well as extend your boiler’s life.


Prevent damage caused by unwanted dissolved gas and increase your steam efficiency.

Deaerators prevent corrosion and ultimately equipment failure. Extend your boiler’s life while keeping your maintenance costs low.

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