Keep your energy costs low as much as possible in an industry that’s in continuous high demand with tailormade and reliable boiler solutions that work for you.


  1. Access to low-pressure steam and hot water boilers for all lumber-related applications.
  2. Get alignment using our partnerships with kiln manufacturers and structural engineering firms.
  3. No cost efficiency improvement survey of your kiln or mill steam and heating equipment.
  4. Retrofit existing steam and heating equipment with stack economizers and burner retrofits.
  5. Complete boiler room equipment supply, including installation.


Year: 2020

What issue did the client have?
Required steam boiler solutions, engineering support for steam systems, installation of steam and condensate systems, startup and after sales service support.

Prime’s solution process:
A complete steam system solution, Hurst steam boilers and all ancillary equipment, design and engineering support, installation and project management support.

How was the solution implemented? Dedicated sales, estimation and engineering team at Prime and Hurst to ensure the client received the solution required.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Being very diligent with the process. Ensuring the client understood the requirements for the steam system needed to operate the facility.

Year: 2021

What issue did the client have?
Heavy-duty gauge glass required replacement. Hydro test needed to be performed after installing new parts. Plant could not be shut down, even for 5 minutes, and the boiler was from 1953 and required extra caution to hydrotest to 300 PSI.

What did Prime have to offer?
Prime installed new parts, recorded heat numbers and coordinated with ABSA. The boiler was also safely hydrotested.

How was the solution implemented?
The boiler required all new gaskets to pass the hydrotest. It also required additional time to fill, avoiding shut down of the second boiler. The boilers share the same feed water tank and feed water pump.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Prime went above and beyond to accommodate Cascades, anticipating for issues due to the age of the boiler.

Client appreciation:
The client was happy to have the project completed so that they could get both boilers back online. They also appreciated the coordination with ABSA.

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