With Prime, it’s possible to produce clean energy while also maximizing on operating costs without compromising power efficiency.

Energy clients

5 ways to produce cost-efficient and clean energy

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint with Low NOx burners.
  2. Optimize boiler room operations with heat recovery solutions.
  3. Eliminate steam loss with high efficiency steam traps.
  4. Retrofit your aging boilers with custom steam and heating solutions.
  5. Get 24-7 steam without capital investment with high-capacity rental boilers.

Case studies

Year: 2016

What issue did the client have?
Needed to replace 1960s high pressure, high capacity, superheated steam boilers.

Prime’s solution process:
We offered 2 110,000 lb/hr Groupe Simoneau super-heated steam boilers with Oilon Ace burners, boiler automation installation and startup commissioning support, and after sales service support.

How was the solution implemented?
Dedication from the sales team, estimation, and engineering teams at Prime and Simoneau. Strong relationships and trust built with the end user site personnel, strong product offering, meeting both client and emission expectations.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Provided high quality products and services to exceed the client’s expectations.

Year: 2020

What issue did the client have?
It was Christmas Eve and the client’s glycol heating boiler had flame failure; the modulating motor stopped working.

What did Prime have to offer?
Retrieve the necessary parts (across two cities), install the new modulating motor and test boiler operation and confirm combustion.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Prime’s service technicians went above and beyond to take care of the client.

Client appreciation:
The client was thrilled. The boiler was back online in time for the Christmas holidays.

Lower your carbon footprint by optimizing your energy system with modern and cost-efficient equipment.