Burners designed for efficiency and fuel cost reduction

Trust Prime with your burner replacements/upgrade projects with low NOx/digital combustion control, O2 trim control and remote monitoring solutions. We install and service industrial burners from leading manufacturers that use natural gas and propane/biogas fuels for a variety of applications.

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With vast experience in gaseous fuels and liquid combustion, this Finnish company offers cutting-edge burner technology and burners ranging from 12 kW to 90 MW for various boilers and applications. Oilon is committed to providing its partners with performance efficiency and emission level reduction solutions.

Made to produce minimal emissions and produce excellent combustion, Limpsfield’s burners help businesses maximize energy and operation efficiency while extensively saving on fuel costs. They’ve been designed to ensure that minimal emissions are released into the atmosphere. Fuel savings between 10% to 35% can be achieved thanks to its design, combustion efficiency and low O2 performance.

Combustion management systems that gives you an edge

Reduce fuel consumption by up to 10% and achieve emission reduction with advanced combustion control technology from today’s leading manufacturers, specifically designed to optimize overall boiler/heater performance.

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When it comes to combustion management solutions, Autoflame is leading the pack. You’ll find Autoflame’s computerized burner control systems throughout many of the world’s most innovative boiler rooms, making it one of the most sought-after pieces of technology. Autoflame is all about helping you reduce emissions and helping your business find ways to save money.

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