Get power on demand for more efficiency. With the help of Prime, you can ensure that your boiler system delivers steam when you need it the most so you can remain industrially competitive.



  1. Produce steam in 5 minutes using boilers with quick-start technology.
  2. Produce steam when you need it the most with modular multiple boiler design.
  3. Reduce unnecessary operation costs with hassle-free and simplified boiler operations.
  4. Get the most out of your systems with a heat recovery economizer.
  5. Utilize Prime industry experience to design, engineer and select a custom solution.


Year: 2019

What issue did the client have?
Required low-pressure steam boilers for its processing facility.

Prime’s solution process:
A complete steam solution with two HURST boilers and all ancillary equipment for a high-quality efficient steam system.

How was the solution implemented?
A dedicated sales team, estimation and engineering team at Prime and Hurst to select the proper equipment as the solution, startup technicians, after sales support.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Provided equipment and service exceeding the client’s and emission expectations.

Year: 2019

Type of project: Greenfield project: 900 BHP – 170 PSIG steam plant for food processing purposes

Client’s pain point:

  • Modularized concept for redundancy
  • High efficiency, lower operating cost
  • Lower heating surface area
  • Lower footprint

Prime’s solution process: 3 x LX 300 Miura boiler with heat recovery economizer and low NOx burners

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Prime provided the client with a modular solution with the lowest boiler operator classification and an 87% efficiency rate: Boilers equipped with a heat recovery system that came with a guarantee. This package provided the client with an after sales services and a boiler water treatment program for a one-stop solution.

Year: 2021

What issue did the client have?
Client wanted to repaint the floor and allow for easy cleaning.

What did Prime have to offer?
Prime raised the condensate receivers and traps off the ground by 20 inches. This allowed easy access for cleaning and painting.

How was the solution implemented?
The solution required Prime to re-pipe all the lines to the traps and replace worn components.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Prime came in on the weekend and the job was completed in just one day, both on time and on budget.

Client appreciation:
The client was very happy the job was done on the same day.

An integrated economizer can lead to 5% extra energy savings. Have you calculated the impact on your operation costs?