Reduce your carbon emissions with the help of Prime’s transformative institutional boiler solutions.



  1. Energy-efficient products for today’s environmental needs.
  2. High performance burners and burner controls to reduce your carbon footprint.
  3. Cost-effective products and services to meet budget constraints.
  4. Hand selected product offering to ensure to meet your steam or heating needs.
  5. After sales support to ensure long-term steam or heating system maintenance.


Year: 2012

What issue did the client have?
Needed to replace corroded heating boilers (which had failed prematurely) with a new high-efficiency heating boiler solution.

What did Prime have to offer?
Supplied heating boilers with Miura LXW series boiler, totalling capacity of 36 Million BTUH 24 x 7 plant and 150 HP high pressure Miura boiler for their humidification needs.

How was the solution implemented?
Delivered a Miura stock boiler when the existing humidification boiler failed. From there, PBS supported design and engineering to select and provide the Miura heating boiler solution. We also provided the client with a remote system temp. monitoring system to make the client aware of any anomaly in the system operation.

 How did Prime surpass expectations?
Same day delivery on a new steam boiler for humidification when the existing boiler failed, design and engineering support for new heating boiler selection, startup and continued maintenance support today.

Year: 2019

Type of project: Replaced aged boilers with new fire tube, low-pressure boilers.

What issue did the client have?
Budget, delivery and after sales support provided to Trotter and Morton who was a mechanical contractor on this project.

Prime’s solution process:
Prime offered high quality proposal with no surprises to the mechanical contractor: Hurst fire tube boilers with pressurized deaerators and condensate recovery solution.

How was the solution implemented?
Supplied 3 x 300 HP Hurst low-pressure boilers with a deaerator tank.

How did Prime surpass expectations?

  • On time delivery despite pandemic situation
  • Great support during bidding process and after sales support
The smallest leak in your steam traps can result in non-trivial monetary losses. This is not something that should be overlooked.