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  1. Reduce your carbon footprint with Low NOx burners.
  2. Improve combustion efficiency with a Prime approved burner or burner control upgrade.
  3. Aim for zero downtime operations with preventive maintenance plans.
  4. Get the most energy out of your systems using heat recovery economizers.
  5. Rely on knowledgeable steam experts that know boiler manufacturing and safety codes.


Year: 2017

What issue did the client have?
Needed a small 50 HP on demand, high-pressure steam boiler for their research lab.

Prime’s solution process:
Prime supplied a Miura LX- 50 -150 PSIG steam boiler with engineering, a complete installation of the boiler, process piping and after sales services, including ongoing chemical treatment.

How was the solution implemented?
Boiler plant engineering, equipment supply, installation, startup services and boiler water treatment chemical services.

How did Prime surpass expectations?
Provided a high quality, on demand steam solution with sales support and continued after sales support.

Issue: A polystyrene expansion facility located in central Alberta was having issues with their boiler blowdown separator. The system was no longer able to handle the volume required to complete a blowdown when combining hard cooling water to the hot boiler water before discharging to drain. The customer was able to mechanically remove scale from accessible areas for several years, eventually scale built up in the welded section that was not accessible.

Solution: Prime’s water treatment division proposed a cost-effective synthetic acid treatment that is much less hazardous than conventional mineral acid treatments, will not attack carbon steel equipment and did not require any specialized pumping equipment.

Results: The simplistic approach utilized to complete this scale removal project required one person on site with appropriate PPE for 4 hours resulting in low labour costs, approximately 80% scale removal was achieved within this time frame using only 40 litres of cleaner. All spent product was neutralized and safely discharged to drain saving on disposal costs.

Lower the impact of the carbon tax increase by optimizing your energy system with modern and cost-efficient equipment.