PRIME HELPING HANDS to protect our communities

Alberta health authorities are urging the province to help reduce the spread of germs…and Prime is doing its part. We want all of our clients and suppliers to feel safe when handling shared material, equipment and deliveries. As a result, and in response to a general shortage, we’ve developed hand sanitizer using our resources and knowhow. With #PrimeHelpingHands, we can put a stop to cross-contamination and help protect our communities as best as we can during these challenging times.


We want to make it easier for local businesses to uphold their operations during challenging times. Our 90-day boiler room maintenance program is designed not only to maintain your steam and heating systems at the safest optimal levels, but to help you continue what you do best…serve our local communities.

Prime Facilities Access Special Measures

  • Visitor access will be limited
  • Doors to all PBS locations will remain locked
  • Visitors must call their contact before scheduled meetings
  • Conduct meetings via email, phone or video conference
  • For deliveries, contact the receiving department at 1-800-997-4899