As a member of the FortisBC Trade Ally Network and a point-of-sale provider for FortisBC commercial rebates, we’re here at Prime Boiler Services to support clients located in British Columbia with their energy system upgrades.

Team up with our team of experienced steam and heating project leaders today to start working on your rebate applications.

Natural Gas Steam Boiler

Get up to $49k in rebates from FortisBC

Looking to upgrade your natural gas steam boiler or to install a new one? Prime can help you qualify for a FortisBC commercial steam boiler rebate of up to $49k per project to either:

  • Install a new high-efficiency natural gas steam boiler
  • Take on energy-efficiency upgrades to a new or existing steam boiler system

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Gas Absorption Heat Pump

Get up to $20k in feasibility study funding and up to $35k in rebates from FortisBC

Thinking about saving energy/money and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by installing a high-efficiency gas absorption heat pump for commercial applications? Our steam and heating project leaders can help you claim FortisBC’s latest gas absorption heat pump rebate which would provide you with:

  • Up to $20k in funding when a detailed feasibility study is conducted on a project, specific to a gas absorption heat pump unit
  • Up to $35k to install gas absorption heat pumps in commercial, multi-unit residential or institutional buildings

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