Watertube Auxiliary Boiler: O Type Auxiliary Boiler

Simoneau / Spark – Steam Boiler

100 - 200 BHP

Performance Summary
Application Steam Boiler
Capacity - Lbs/Hr 3450 - 69000 Lbs/Hr
BTUH Input Range N/A
Design Fluid N/A
Design Pressure/MAWP 150 - 650 PSIG
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Duel Fuel, Altenative Fuels
Product Description + -
THE FIRESTARTER FOR POWER GENERATION - This high pressure steam boiler lets you reach a capacity of 2000 HP and a pressure of 650 psig.

This patented construction relies on the same manufacturing quality and robust materials as MAVERICK. Go beyond the call of duty and customize SPARK with optional economizer and superheater.
  • Boiler room customized in modules available
  • Quick load response
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Patented boiler
  • Top casing as a platform
  • Water cooled rear wall
  • Generous downcomers giving a high natural water circulation and providing easier rigging
  • Staggered tube arrangement for maximum heat transfer
  • Balanced heat transfer preventing thermal shock
  • Low footprint and less reinforcement of the foundation
  • Optional Integrated economizer providing efficiency up to 85% firing natural gas
  • Reliable source of high-quality, dry saturated steam up to 1ppm using separation technology with appropriate steam drum size
  • Boiler system components designed specifically for ease of operation
  • Excellent long-term reliability ideal for power plants
  • Unit can be customized and packaged
  • Patented Construction
  • Quick Load Response
  • Integrated or separate Economizer
  • Optional Superheater
  • Power Plants
  • Steam Turbines
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