90-day boiler maintenance program

Prime safety for your boiler room and our local communities

We believe at Prime Boiler Services that everyone has a part to play in the protection of our communities. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to help things keep rolling during these challenging times.

In step with our values, we’ve come up with a comprehensive boiler room maintenance program designed not only to support our local businesses that service our communities but to maintain their steam and heating systems at the safest optimal levels.

Boiler Room Safety Audit

Our seasoned experts can run a thorough checklist on your steam and heating installations in order to detect any anomalies and pinpoint needed upgrades:

• Initial checks for leaking lines
• Chemical injection points
• Potential weak point ID
• Optimization opportunities
• Proper chemistry used
• Feed water tank and boiler health check inspection
• Pictures of boiler room of all major components inside boiler room.
• Recommended spare parts list
• Complete data report on boiler and support components from safety audit findings

90-Day Turnkey Maintenance Program

Get the best value for your maintenance needs…when you need it! This more affordable packaged maintenance program comes with shorter terms that allow you to tackle issues as they arise. It includes the following options:

• Full water treatment and boiler room risk analysis matrix, water treatment recommendations
• Regular water treatment site visits
• Boiler clean-up
• Regular boiler inspections
• Continuous onsite training for boiler room personnel
• PBS Safety First Certificate of achievement with recommendations to go to the next level

Dedicated Prime Boiler Services Expertise

With this maintenance program, you’re getting access to the best steam and heating solution provider in Western Canada. We have on hand the most knowledgeable team of boiler experts that can hook you up with the largest inventory of parts and rental boiler fleet in the region.

Safety First Enhanced Measures

Safety is part of our DNA. Recently, we’ve made it our mission to strengthen our safety and hygiene protocols, both onsite and at the workplace, to help reduce the spread of germs in our local businesses and neighboring communities. Those measures include:

  • Limited visitor access to all PBS locations
  • Continued customer support
  • Implementing on-site client guidelines
  • Social distancing best practices
  • Enforced good hygiene habits in the workplace
  • Safe business deliveries

Your safety and wellbeing are our priority.

Get a free 1-litre of PRIME HAND SANITIZER during our first visit to your installations.