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Get the power you need! Whether it’s for an emergency contingency plan or a new project that requires more energy, you’ll find among our steam boilers from selected partners solutions that offer the best capacity with a variety of fuel options, for both low and high-pressure.


Keep things hot! Whether you’re looking for a gas or oil fuel option, take advantage of our hot water boiler solutions that are equipped with the most optimal heating capacity with your operational needs in mind.


Looking for a boiler solution that’s easy to maintain and operate? This type of boiler, available at Prime, uses combustion to heat thermal oil or fluid in order to produce energy. Unlike a water or steam boiler, the heating process does not heavily pressurize the boiler. Bonus; with this type of system, there is no corrosion or lime deposits and scale. It’s also cost-efficient; thermal fluid boilers do not require makeup water or efficiency draining steam traps.


Designed for power plants and equipped with valve testing capabilities, usually used for food processing purposes or to power healthcare institutions, you’ll find electric boilers in various facilities with challenging venting capability and where fuel is not available (or too high of a cost) or excess electricity available.


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