High Temperature Hot Water Generator

Simoneau / Warden – High Temperature Hot Water Heater


O Type Boiler

Performance Summary
Application High Temperature Hot Water Heater
Capacity - Lbs/Hr N/A
BTUH Input Range 50 - 150 MMBTUH
Design Fluid 250 Deg F - 450 Deg F
Design Pressure/MAWP 160 - 300 PSIG
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Duel Fuel, Altenative Fuels
Product Description + -
The WARDEN, a high temperature watertube generator engineered to meet the needs of hospitals, universities and large industrial facilities. With a capacity ranging from 50 to 150 MM Btu/hr, WARDEN is a reliable source of energy that will put your mind and your occupants at ease.
  • Patent pending design
  • Complete water cooling at front wall and convection side walls
  • Minimal thermal NOx emissions
  • Follows EPA regulations
  • No refractory except at the burner throat
  • Convection made of two “slide-out” retractable modules
  • Staggered tube arrangement
  • Optimized heat transfer
  • Prevents steaming
  • Adequate pressure drop on the water side
  • 0.105 inch tube thickness
  • Finned tube convection section designed to improve efficiency by 2-3%
  • High quality thick insulation to reduce radiation losses
  • Gas tight heavy duty inner casing tested at 10 inches of H2O
  • High Temperature Hot Water Generator
  • Patent Pending Design
  • Retractable Convection Modules
  • Low Maintenance Cost Meets and exceed Nox emission standards
  • Hospitals
  • Universities / Campus
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • District Utilities
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