Vertical Boiler

Hurst / VIX Series – Steam Boiler


Vertical Fire Tube Design

Performance Summary
Application Steam Boiler
Capacity - Lbs/Hr 1035 - 4313 Lbs/hr
BTUH Input Range N/A
Design Fluid N/A
Design Pressure/MAWP N/A
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Duel Fuel, Altenative Fuels
Product Description + -
Vertical fire-tube design features high efficient X-ID Finned Fire-Tubes. Skid mounted packaged systems install easily. VIX Series offers a smaller foot print than most typical vertical boilers.
  • Vertical , compact boiler.
  • Space saving design with multi fuel burning capability.

Totally new design industrial grade construction, 2 pass fire tube design with enhanced heat transfer features. The VIX Series can offer higher efficiencies than standard vertical boilers. It is 100% water-backed and built for years of reliable service.
Smaller foot print More than 50% of standard vertical boilers.
Easy access to burner and eye-high control panel. All valves and control located within reach.
Removable Turn-a-round box Simply loosen the lug nuts and lower the section to inspect the system.
Innovative vessel design Constant calm water levels with water-to-steam stabilization features.
Large steam chamber with internal water separator insures “dry” high quality steam.

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