Steam Boiler

Vapor Power / Modulatic Line

18 - 220 BHP

One Through Water Tube Units

Performance Summary
Application Steam Boiler
Capacity - Lbs/Hr 620 - 7,590 Lbs/hr
BTUH Input Range 0.60 - 7.37 MMBTUH
Design Fluid N/A
Design Pressure/MAWP 15 - 3200 PSIG
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Duel Fuel, Altenative Fuels
Product Description + -
The Modulatic® Steam Generator is a once through watertube boiler with a positive displacement pump to provide a constant supply of feedwater. The burner management system controls the amount of feedwater admitted to the coils by regulating the speed of the pump, based on the steam pressure set point compared to the actual reading.

The fuel-air ratio curve changes the amount of fuel and combustion air in direct proportion to the flow of water being sent to the coils. Dry steam is then produced in the steam separator where approximately ninety percent of the water is converted into steam. The water remaining is removed by a steam trap.

Vertical design requires compact space Low Volume allows for safe operation . Fully modulating burner .Min. On Off cylcing Packaged unit

  • Full Steam in 5 Minutes
  • Fully Modulating Output
  • Compact Size & Weight
  • High Pressure Min prepurge energy loss
  • Safe Operation
  • Brewery & Distillation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Food Processing
  • Healthcare
  • Marine- Barges & Ocean Vessels
  • Oil & Gas Processing
  • Process Steam and Heat
  • Valve Testing
  • Waste Water Treatment Facilities
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