Firebox Boiler

Hurst / Series N65 – Hot Water/Glycol Heater


3 Pass Design Firebox Multifuel Combustion

Performance Summary
Application Hot Water/Glycol Heater
Capacity - Lbs/Hr N/A
BTUH Input Range 5.50 - 42 MMBTUH
Design Fluid N/A
Design Pressure/MAWP 150 - 450 PSIG
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Coal, Biomass Fuel
Product Description + -
Hybdrid watertube and firetube combination for best in class combustion efficiency and steam quality. water leg side walls with sealed construction.
Multiple FUEL FLEXIBILITY – Gas, Oil, Heavy Oil,WOOD , PAPER, BIOMASS, COAL suplemented with Oil / Natural gas fuels
Designed for high combustion Efficiency
Skid mounted , Modular packaged

Can burn biomass , wood and difficult fuel . Benefit of water tube and shell boiler in one package.

All units are factory packaged with operating controls, relief valves, burner and fuel train.Efficient 3-Pass Design Hybdrid watertube and firetube combination for burning combination of fuel at once including biomass / alternative fuels. water leg side walls with sealed construction. Wet back construction for higher reliability and higher efficiency of boiler.Large water cooled furnace.Open bottom for stoker firing of solid fuels.
Hindged front and back door on Pressure vessel.

Large Furnace Volume for low heat release for complete combustion Skid mounted , Modular packaged

  • Paper industry
  • Timer / timer processing industry
  • Green houses / Medical Marijuana industry
  • Wood processing industry
  • Biomass based power plants
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