On-Demand Steam Boiler

Miura / LX-100

100 BHP

Miura / LX-100

Performance Summary
Application Steam Boiler, Steam Boiler with Heat Recovery Economizer
Capacity - Lbs/Hr 3,450 lb/hr
BTUH Input Range N/A
Design Fluid
Design Pressure/MAWP 170 PSIG
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Propane
Product Description + -
Completely integrated steam boiler package with boiler, burner, economizer, controller and instrumentation.  This ultra-compact, ultra-efficient boiler produces full steam in 5 minutes or less from a cold start, while offering many design features that reduce operational and maintenance time.

Miura’s unique steam boiler design offers significant operational advantages. These vertical watertube boilers are up to 50% smaller and consume up to 40% less fuel than typical firetube boilers, while producing steam in 5 minutes or less from a cold start.

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