Biomass Boiler

Hurst / Hybrid CG – Chain Grate Type Stoker


2 Pass - Solid Fuel Fired Boiler - Wood Fired Boilers

Performance Summary
Application Hot Water/Glycol Heater
Capacity - Lbs/Hr
BTUH Input Range 3.40 - 60 MMBTUH
Design Fluid 250 Deg F
Design Pressure/MAWP N/A
Fuel Option Biomass Fuel
Product Description + -
The new HBC chain grate-type stoker system permits a wide range of biomass fuels with high ash contents to be combusted in an efficient manner with the added advantage of automatic de-ashing

Biomass Fuel, woody fuels, forestry residues, mill residues, agricultural residues, urban wood and yard wastes, dedicated biomass crops, chemical recovery fuels, animal wastes, dry animal manure, and wet animal manure (dairy manure slurry).

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