On-Demand Steam Boiler

Miura / EXH-300

300 BHP

EX Gas/Oil Series - High Pressure Steam Boiler

Performance Summary
Application Steam Boiler
Capacity - Lbs/Hr
BTUH Input Range N/A
Design Fluid
Design Pressure/MAWP 300 PSIG
Fuel Option Natural Gas, Diesel Fuel, Duel Fuel, Propane
Product Description + -
Miura’s unique steam boiler design offers significant operational advantages. These vertical watertube boilers are up to 50% smaller and consume up to 40% less fuel than typical firetube boilers, while producing steam in 5 minutes or less from a cold start.

Miura High Performance Steam System

There are many types of accessory or auxiliary equipment that might be required in the operational boiler room system. Some of the equipment can improve overall system efficiency, some can protect the boiler and system from corrosion, and some can reduce the amount of scale building up in the boiler.

A fully integrated Miura steam system includes components and features that simplify operation and relieve the operator from mundane and repetitive tasks, improving system reliability and reducing operating costs.

Early Warning Scale Monitor

Automatically detects scale formation that can cause loss of efficiency and operational issues, such as boiler over heating.This eliminates the time and cost involved in manual inspections and prevents boiler downtime.

Auto Blow Down

The Miura boiler performs blow down automatically based on total dissolved solids. When manual blow down is required, the controller provides the operator with a message indicator to do so. This significantly reduces maintenance time and the possibility of boiler upset.

Intelligent Control System

The sophisticated controller integrated into the Miura boiler defines problems and suggests solutions in an easy-to-read display, reducing troubleshooting time.

Online Monitoring

Instrumentation is built in to the Miura boiler that provides instant notification of issues for quick response troubleshooting as it happens. Immediate response prevents possible further damage to boiler or system complications.

Integrated Water Hardness Detection and Softening

The boiler controller interfaces directly with the Miura water hardness detection system and water softener to minimize risk of scale formation. If hard water is detected it will automatically initiate Miura water softener regeneration to soften hard water. If the issue continues the controller automatically initiates automatic boiler blow down to flush dissolved solids from system. This process significantly reduces maintenance time and the potentially operational and maintenance issues arising from hard water.

Feed Water Treatment

Miura’s exclusive feed water treatment is a silicate that is used to control corrosive ions in feed water. The reduces the feed water treatment requirements, eliminates the need to heat feed water and eliminates the need for a de-aerator.

Feed Water Treatment Controller

This controller enables feed water chemical doing to be automated based on actual steam volume, intelligently regulating the pumping of chemicals based on boiler operation. This reduces maintenance time involved in monitoring and adjustments of feed water treatment.



Vertical Watetube Design

Miura’s steam boiler consists of rows of vertical tubes fully welded to the upper and lower headers. The floating header design allows the tubes to expand and contract, reducing stress and allowing for the use of cold feed water without the concern of thermal shock. This design offers many advantages including the elimination of leaky tube problems associated with firetube and bent watertube boiler designs.

On-Demand Steam

Floating headers mean fast start-up. Miura boilers produce steam in 5 minutes or less from a cold start-up. Comparatively, standard firetube boilers require 1- to 1.5-hour start-up times. Since the Miura boiler can be turned on and off like a light switch, the boiler does not need to keep a large volume of water hot to produce steam, and does not need to stay running when steam is not required.

Ultra-Compact Design

Miura boilers occupy 33% to 50% less floor space than typical firetube boilers and do not require tube pull space. Their compact design results in less radiation losses and larger fuel savings. In new installations the compact design means the boiler room can be up to 50% smaller.

Unbeatable In-Service Efficiency

In-service efficiency accounts for all factors in a boiler system that affect fuel consumption. These factors include operating cycles, boiler efficiency, maintenance costs, start-up times and stand-by times. Miura boilers offer unbeatable in-service efficiencies and significant operational cost savings. Please contact Prime Boiler Service for a detail explanation and case study examples.

Built-In Scale Detection

Scale is a problem all boilers need to deal with. As standard equipment, all Miura steam boilers are equipped with a thermocouple on the watertube to enable the detection of scale. Should scale begin to form, the boiler will alert the operator to enable troubleshooting before the scale formation causes operational issues and a loss of efficiency.

Intelligent Control System

The Miura control system provides sophisticated monitoring, measuring and verification of the boiler’s operation. The controller and instrumentation are integrated into the boiler package and offer 47 alarms and 38 caution messages. The easy-to-read display defines problems and suggests solutions to help reduce operator troubleshooting time and improve troubleshooting accuracy.

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